UPS hiring for package handler jobs in Fayetteville

December 8th, 2017

UPS is hiring for the holiday season and may be looking to fill package handler jobs in Fayetteville.

UPS said it expects to hire about 95,000 seasonal employees to support the anticipated increase in package volume that will begin in November and continue through January 2018.

“Our seasonal jobs often lead to permanent employment and even careers for some,” said CEO David Abney. “We offer flexible shifts and full- and part-time positions. If you are a student, a working mom or just looking to make extra money for the holidays, we have a job for you.”

The full- and part-time seasonal positions – primarily package handlers, drivers and driver-helpers – have long been an entry point for permanent employment at UPS. Many senior UPS executives, including CEO David Abney and three other members of the company’s Management Committee, started their UPS careers as part-time employees.

Over the last three years, 35 percent of the people UPS hired for seasonal package handler jobs were later hired in a permanent position when the holidays were over.

Jackie Nicholas, a full-time recruiter at UPS, began her career as a seasonal employee in 1998. “As a mother, the great pay and benefits have been critical for my family, and so has the flexibility,” said Jackie. “After my husband got home from work we’d put the kids to bed and then I’d head off to work the overnight shift. I could sleep when I got home and still have time to attend the kids’ field trips and classroom events.” She added, “Now that the kids are out of college I’m working full-time.”

Are workers calling in sick for Fayetteville jobs?

November 29th, 2017

Some workers may be calling in sick for Fayetteville jobs when they really aren’t, according to a new Careerbuilder press release.

According to new CareerBuilder data, 40 percent of workers have called in sick in the last 12 months when they weren’t, compared to 35 percent in 2016 and 38 percent in 2015. Female workers were more likely than their male counterparts to take sick days when they were well – 43 percent to 35 percent respectively.

While they may not necessarily be sick, 30 percent of workers who have called in sick cite having a doctor’s appointment as the top reason to take a sick day, followed by just didn’t feel like going to work (23 percent), needing to relax (20 percent), and needing to catch up on sleep (15 percent). Running errands (14 percent), catching up on housework (8 percent), and plans with family and friends (8 percent) also appeared on the list.

Nearly three in five workers who have a paid time off program (28 percent) say they feel obligated to make up an excuse for taking a day off, even though the majority of employees (54 percent) work for companies with a paid time off (PTO) program which rolls sick, vacation and personal days together.

When asked to share the most dubious excuses workers have given for calling in sick, employers reported hearing the following:

  • A bear was in employee’s yard and they were afraid to come out.
  • Employee’s phone exploded and it hurt their hand.
  • Employee ate a toothpick in his food at restaurant.
  • Employee broke his arm wrestling a female bodybuilder.
  • Employee called in “fat” because uniform didn’t fit.
  • Dog swallowed employee’s car keys so she was waiting until it came out.
  • Employee left his clothes at the laundry mat.
  • Employee did not have enough gas to get to work.
  • Employee had to re-schedule a new manicure because some of their artificial nails fell off.
  • Employee were not sure how the solar eclipse would affect them so it would be safer to stay at home.

Major company recruiting for Fayetteville retail jobs?

November 2nd, 2017

Amazon announced it is hiring big and will possibly be recruiting for Fayetteville retail jobs.

The retail giant said it is creating more than 120,000 positions this season across its U.S. network of fulfillment centers, sortation centers and customer service sites. Last year, thousands of holiday positions were transitioned to regular, full-time roles after the holidays and the company expects to continue that trend this year.

“We prepare year round for the holidays and we’re excited to hire for over 120,000 positions this season to help delight our customers,” saidDave Clark, Amazon Senior Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment. “We look forward to welcoming back holiday employees who return year-after-year to Amazon and welcome new faces to the team, many of whom will continue on with regular, full-time roles with the company after the holidays.”

New employees will join the more than 125,000 regular, full-time employees at Amazon’s more than 75 fulfillment centers across the country to help pick, pack and ship customers’ holiday orders.

So far this year, Amazon has created tens of thousands of new full-time roles in its fulfillment and customer service centers. Throughout the year on average, 90 percent of associates across the company’s U.S. fulfillment network are regular, full-time employees.

In addition to competitive wages, Amazon provides employees with competitive pay, health insurance, disability insurance, retirement savings plans and company stock.

The company also offers up to 20 weeks of paid leave and benefits such as Leave Share and Ramp Back, which give new parents flexibility with their growing families. Leave Share lets employees share their Amazon paid leave with their spouse or domestic partner if their spouse’s employer does not offer paid leave. Ramp Back gives new moms additional control over the pace at which they return to work.


Are Fayetteville jobs turning in to careers?

October 29th, 2017

Some workers with Fayetteville jobs and other locations may feel their job is not a career, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.

More than half of U.S. workers (55 percent) feel they have just a job, not a career, and 38 percent of these workers are likely to change jobs in the back half of 2017, according to CareerBuilder’s latest survey.

Almost three in 10 workers (28 percent) tolerate or hate their job. Of those who tolerate or hate their job, some of the top reasons for staying in a current position are the need to pay the bills (74 percent), its proximity to home (41 percent), needing the insurance (35 percent), it pays well (30 percent), or the job market is too tough (27 percent).

To get the right attention from a hiring manager, job seekers should stay away from crazy stunts and keep it simple. Haefner shares five tips that every worker needs to remember when hunting for a new gig.

Tips for getting it right include:

  1. Customize your application and resume for the job. Approximately a third of employers review resumes for less than one minute (32 percent), but 49 percent of employers say they would pay more attention to job applications with a resume customized for the open position. Take the time to personalize — it might just get you to the next round.
  2. Review your references. Think through your references – pick colleagues who can speak to your strengths. More than half of employers (51 percent) say that a candidate’s reference has not given positive feedback about the candidate, and 54 percent have changed their mind about a candidate after speaking with a reference.
  3. Tell the truth. More than half of employers (55 percent) have caught a lie on a resume, and over a third (39 percent) have caught someone providing a fake reference. The truth is always your best bet.
  4. Provide your profiles. Seventy percent of employers use social media to screen candidates —  and 57 percent of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they cannot find online.2 Do their work for them by providing handles to your online portfolio, website and social media handles — just be sure you are presenting a professional image.

Are employers hiring for Fayetteville customer service jobs?

October 29th, 2017

Many employers plan on hiring later on this year, and may be even hiring for Fayetteville customer service jobs, according to a recent CareerBuilder press release.

CareerBuilder’s Q4 2017 Job Forecast is predicting an uptick in both jobs and pay.

Q4 Highlights:

  • 43 percent of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees in Q4, up from 34 percent in 2016; 73 percent plan to increase salaries.
  • 35 percent of employers expect to hire seasonal workers in Q4, up from 33 percent last year; 51 percent plan to increase pay for seasonal staff.
  • 50 percent of retailers are hiring seasonal employees, on par with last year (49 percent). The percentage paying $10 or more per hour jumped 23 percentage points over the last two years.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 workers (19 percent) say they are looking for a seasonal job over the holidays this year, up from 16 percent last year.
  • The percentage of employers who are transitioning seasonal employees into permanent staff has reached a new high (70 percent) and has grown at an accelerated rate over the last few years.

In Q3 2017, 44 percent of employers added full-time, permanent headcount while 8 percent decreased headcount, both improvements over the previous year. Positive trends are expected to continue with 43 percent of employers planning to hire new employees in the fourth quarter, up from 34 percent last year. Seven percent expect to reduce staff, down from 9 percent last year, while 47 percent anticipate no change and 3 percent are unsure.

Looking across industries, 35 percent of employers are planning to have extra hands on deck to help with increased demands over the holidays, wrap up the year or ramp up for 2018. Of those hiring, 70 percent expect to hire some seasonal workers for full-time, permanent roles, up from 62 percent last year and up from 42 percent three years ago.

Company hiring for retail jobs in Fayetteville

October 7th, 2017

Retail giant Target may be hiring big for retail jobs in Fayetteville.

The company said it plans to hire approximately 100,000 team members across the country for the upcoming holiday season. Target will hire 4,500 team members at the company’s distribution and fulfillment centers to replenish products to stores and fulfill digital sales throughout the season.

“Target has made significant investments in our business throughout 2017, and our commitment to hire 100,000 team members for the holidays will make shopping at Target even easier and more fun during one of the busiest times of the year. Target team members play such an important role in helping guests as they prepare to celebrate the holidays with their families. As always, we will provide our seasonal team members with meaningful opportunities to build and develop skills, and offer great benefits, including a variety of schedules and team member discounts,” said Janna Potts, chief stores officer, Target.
The 100,000 seasonal team members will fill a variety of roles across stores, distribution and fulfillment centers, including:

  • Store team members will ensure stores are well stocked, help guests discover Target’s exclusive brands and anything else they need to complete their holiday shopping lists.
  • As the company continues to grow its Order Pickup service and ship-from-store capabilities, team members will fulfill online orders at stores.
  • Team members at Target’s distribution and fulfillment centers will process freight to stores and fulfill orders, including receiving, picking and loading to ensure products reach guests quickly.

Target will host hiring events at all stores nationwide on Friday, Oct. 13 through Sunday, Oct. 15. The events will take place at each of the company’s 1,816 stores from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day for the 100,000 store positions with the potential for eligible applicants to interview on-the-spot and receive a conditional job offer during the weekend events.

Warehouse jobs in Fayetteville may grow

October 6th, 2017

Due to a solid outlook for holiday hiring, warehouse jobs in Fayetteville and other cities may grow, according to a recent report from Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

While pivoting in the retail sector has caused thousands of store closures, price cuts on merchandise, and consolidation within the industry, retailers are signaling that there might be high demand for seasonal jobs, according to the company’s forecast.

7,500 fulfillment and warehouse workers announced last year. Target also indicated they were lowering prices in all stores, a response to Amazon and Walmart’s price-slashing practices.

“The competition among major big-box retailers will incentivize consumers to spend more this holiday season. These stores will need to add staff in order to meet demand,” said John Challenger, Chief Executive Officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Last year, seasonal retail employment increased by 641,000 during the final three months of the year, the lowest number since the 495,800 retail hires announced in the final months of 2009. Last year’s job gains were 9.6 percent lower than the previous year, when retailers added 708,800 jobs, according to employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Last year, BLS data showed that transportation and warehousing employment increased by a non-seasonally adjusted 246,700 workers in the final quarter of the year, 8 percent higher than the 228,400 workers hired in this sector in the final three months of 2015. In 2007, the seasonal job gains for this sector measured just 24,300.

“As holiday shopping habits turn virtual, retailers are responding by hiring more warehouse and transport workers. While retail hiring has fallen over the last couple years, major announcements indicate workers will still be needed for customer-facing positions, as retailers attempt to give consumers an experience they cannot receive online,” said Challenger.

In addition to Target’s announcement, Michaels has announced 15,000 holiday workers, and 1-800-Flowers will staff an additional 8,000 workers for the holidays.

According to Challenger tracking, retailers have announced over 6,000 store closures and 67,000 job cuts in the first eight months of the year. However, despite these numbers, retailers projected the highest number of hiring announcements for any industry, with over 248,000.

Fayetteville healthcare jobs grow

October 6th, 2017

The latest labor statistics show that Fayetteville healthcare jobs may have grown.

Employment was little changed in September (-33,000), after adding an average  of 172,000 jobs per month over the prior 12 months.

In September, a steep employment decline in food services and drinking places and below-trend growth in some other industries likely reflected the  impact of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Employment rose in health care and in transportation and  warehousing.

Employment in food services and drinking places dropped sharply in September (-105,000), as many  workers were off payrolls due to the recent hurricanes. Over the prior 12 months, food services  and drinking places had added an average of 24,000 jobs per month.

In September, health care added 23,000 jobs, in line with its average monthly gain over the prior  12 months (+27,000). The employment increase in ambulatory health care services (+25,000) was partially offset by a decline in nursing care facilities (-9,000).

Employment in transportation and warehousing increased by 22,000 in September. Job gains occurred in warehousing and storage (+5,000), couriers and messengers (+4,000), and air transportation (+3,000).

Employment in financial activities changed little in September (+10,000). A job gain in insurance  carriers and related activities (+11,000) largely reflected hurricane-recovery efforts. The gain was  partly offset by losses in activities related to credit intermediation (-4,000) and in commercial banking (-3,000). Over the year, financial activities has added 149,000 jobs.

In September, employment in professional and business services was little changed (+13,000). Over the prior 12 months, job growth in the industry had averaged 50,000 per month.

Manufacturing employment was essentially unchanged in September (-1,000). From a recent employment trough in November 2016 through August of this year, the industry had added an average of 14,000 jobs per month.

Employment in other major industries, including mining, construction, wholesale trade, retail trade, information, and government, showed little change over the month.


Healthcare jobs in Fayetteville climb

September 4th, 2017

The latest labor statistics from August show that healthcare jobs in Fayetteville have grown.

Employment increased by 156,000 in August, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.4 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

Payroll employment increased by 156,000 in August. Job gains occurred in manufacturing, construction, professional and technical services, health care, and mining. Employment growth has averaged 176,000 per month thus far this year, about in line with the average monthly gain of 187,000 in 2016.

Manufacturing employment rose by 36,000 in August. Job gains occurred in motor vehicles and parts (+14,000), fabricated metal products (+5,000), and computer and electronic products (+4,000). Manufacturing has added 155,000 jobs since a recent employment low in November 2016.

In August, construction employment rose by 28,000, after showing little change over the prior 5 months. Employment among residential specialty trade contractors edged up by 12,000 over the month. Employment in professional and technical services continued to trend up in August (+22,000) and has grown by 262,000 over the last 12 months.

In August, job gains occurred in computer systems design and related services (+8,000). Health care employment continued on an upward trend over the month (+20,000) and has risen by 328,000 over the year. Employment in hospitals edged up over the month (+6,000).

Mining continued to add jobs in August (+7,000), with all of the growth in support activities for mining. Since a recent low in October 2016, employment in mining has risen by 62,000, or 10 percent.

Employment in food services and drinking places changed little in August (+9,000), following an increase of 53,000 in July. Over the year, the industry has added 283,000 jobs.



Grants for women and Fayetteville apprenticeship jobs

August 30th, 2017

A number of grants will help women obtain Fayetteville apprenticeship jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced nearly $1.3 million is available to help more women access quality apprenticeship programs and pursue careers in advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare, information technology, and transportation, among other industries.

“Women are nearly half of the American workforce, yet make up a fraction of professionals in STEM careers,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta. “This administration is committed to increasing women’s participation in STEM by expanding the number of quality apprenticeships across the U.S., including those in high-growth, emerging sectors where apprenticeships have historically been rare.”

The Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations grant program will award $1.294 million to applicants in nontraditional occupations where women represent 25 percent or less of all employees.

Grants will be awarded to up to four community-based organizations.

Applicants must provide one or more of the following types of technical assistance:

  • Developing pre-apprenticeship or nontraditional skills training programs;
  • Providing ongoing orientations for employers, unions and workers on creating a successful environment for women to succeed in these careers; and
  • Setting up support groups and facilitating networks for women to improve their retention.